Unified Communications platform

  • DATAPRO TELECOM SOLUTIONS is a Unified Communications platform that breaks down the
    barriers created by complex on-premise hardware.

  • DATAPRO operates in geo-redundant cloud hubs that are built to protect your business
    communications from getting disrupted by hardware failures and network outages. 

  • Our always-on service provides the ability to increase your users instantly and make changes to your account from anywhere you can access the Internet DATAPRO delivers the flexibility your business needs in today’s business environment.


  • The DATAPRO platform leverages industry standard SIP to provide innovative and integrated telephony and UC services. Because the capabilities of our systems have been exposed through RESTful application programming interfaces, you can leverage all of the features of our plat- form and control every aspect of call flow, media handling and even business logic. 

  • Rest assured that your platform is future proof – as tech- 
    nology and markets continue to evolve, new features will 
    be added as application servers that are managed by the 
    platform’s robust SIP Session Control stack. 
  • Amazon Alexa Skills

  • Integration with CRM and Billing systems

  • Smartphone applications 

  • Smartphone applications

  • Custom IVR (interactive voice response) systems

  • CDR (Call Detail Record) Automation 

  • DID Ordering and Management portal

  • Specialized Call Center applications